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"If you can send a text message from your phone - then you can use a Corqueboard"

Jim L. - Beckley West Virginia 


01 Custom Private Network

02 Events

03 Highlight Businesses

04 Announcements & Notices

05 Social Media Highlight

06 Professional Offices

We have worked across multiple industries and channel

Here are a few examples of our current network of  interactive offerings.  

Benefits of Corqueboard:​

  • Increase Revenue while Reducing Costs!

  • No travel required to update boards, Avoid those extra bills!

  • Message all network Corqueboards through one click.

  • Instantly engaged with your entire network though Images, Videos, Surveys, Interactive Content.

  • 50 or 5000 - our open/close network is customizable to your needs

The Corqueboard platform is affordable , scaleable and dependable in a myriad of professional setting. 


Custom Private Network

Engage your onsite labor / manufacturing workforce with our interactive boards.  

Whether in break room, by the time clock or on the factory floor Corqueboard is a dynamic notification platform  that keeps your employees informed and up to date on all levels of communication. 

Our customised Learning Management System allows you to train or upskill your workforce with the touch of a button. 

  • Dynamic Notifications

  • Backend Training

  • Learning Management System



Corqueboard is a dynamic engagement point for all of your event needs.  The platform allows your guest to share photos or other connect in real time to a single screen or a customised  mosaic of screens.  

Our social media feature allow for social sharing and video and photo sharing with merely the scan of our unique event QR code.  

Day of created content  can be compiled and downloaded in event memory  book format.

  • Share Content Instantly

  • Social Media Integration

  • Learning Management System


Highlight Businesses

The rest stop boards are a place for your local  department of transportation to engage and notify travelers in real-time of any changes to road or weather conditions.  Additionally this board serves as a dynamic advertising portal for small businesses around the rest stop sight to introduce themselves and offer services to patrons travelling through the area.

  • Central Management System with Flexibility of Local Content




Corqueboard is a dynamic source of information and connection between owner, management  and tenants.

We are a real time communication and engagement generator that allows for up to date notification and interaction to upcoming events or concerns from the corporate , regional and local level. 

  • Dynamic Information Formats

  • Two-way information sharing between Tenants, Mgmt or Owners



Bars and Restaurants

Corqueboard serves as a community hub where businesses, not for profits and independent contractors alike can engage with new / existing customers with real-time offers and information. 

  • Update Specials Hourly!

  • Make Menus Interactive across all devices



Professional Offices

Corqueboard's professional boards provides  professional  organisations a communication point to engage with current customers and a dynamic digital space to meet new clients 

  • WOW Customers with Customized Greetings

  • Organizational announcements

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