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Corqueboard L.M.S

{Learning Management Systems}

The Corqueboard L.M.S is a fully customized micro learning platform. Our platform is focused on bite sized , easily consumable content aimed at training  your employees in “microbursts” of information that can present a new skill or methodology in under 5 minutes.


 A mixture to both curated and original content the Corqueboard L.M.S works with a variety of industries globally with focus on anything from sales or customer relations to assembly line or manufacturing processes training.

Need the Full L.M.S?

Our monthly Corqueboard L.M.S subscriptions 

start at $1.01 per user per month

Based on 1000 users

Just Need Content?

Monthly Content Licenses 

Starting at  $5.99 A Month

Reach out and let us know how we can help create a simple, authentic and engaging training experience for your team. 

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