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Why Corqueboard

Quality User Experience {que}
Digital & interactive network

Corqueboard is a real time platform for community engagement and hyper local promotions. Upload daily specials or Download onscreen promotions. Simply scan the QR on the big screen!

- Connects the screens into one network to showcase brochures, events, highlight people etc 

- Save time, reduce hassle of sharing information across a campus, building, retail chain etc

- Quickly see important information at any time 

No more Paper + thumbtacks, Duct tape + sticky residue, Wasted business cards on counter spaces. 


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How does Corqueboard work

1. Scan QR Code Showcased on the Corqueboard Screens
2. Upload Material (Image or 10s Video)
3. Update Promotion Daily! 
4. See a Promotion you like - Scan the same QR to download
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Brook Banham, Founder

More Sponsors have signed up seeing how we highlight them at our event


Anand Kumar, CEO

Given us an edge in advertising to the community


Evolve Workspace

A great way to highlight businesses & guest speakers in our co-working space


Looking at a Price

Board Setup Fee


  • $75 for additional screen setup

  • Plug-n-Play Hardware

  • HDMI Cables to instantly get online

  • Preload Board for instant Network 

  • Preload Information

  • Lifetime Customer Support

*If unhappy in the first 6 month we will buy it back at original purchase price 

Young Programmer


*$20 per screen

  • Unlimited Changes to content

  • Unlimited Dynamic Content

  • Secure Backend Database

  • On-call Support

*Starting price for the first month

View visuals over text or body copy


The brain processes visuals 60,000 x faster


Respond to what they see over what they hear


Want better communication tools



There is a LOT more!

  • Looking to expand your Reach, Get your word out there?

  • Looking an Additional Revenue Source. 

  • Convert more walk-ins from your Store to lifelong followers

Enough reading - lets Hustle - Click the YELLOW Button to Begin your Journey!

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